Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday musings

This will be the only post for today as I'm sick as heck again with a cold and I'm trying to recover from that. I added some new stuff to the blog and will be adding more in the next few weeks as well.

I finally decided on a new cell phone (well AT&T decided for me) and here it is

The Blackjack II. AT&T had a sale on it for 29.99 with a new contract. It's a refurb, but what do I care. The data, voice, and Roadside is only 60 or so a month. I think I can handle that. This is my first smart phone and hopefully not my last. I would have preferred a Palm or Blackberry unit since a couple of my friends have those, but they were well out of my price range. It has Windows Mobile 6 and it appears that I can even listen to Sirius online via the magic of a smartphone. Anyone have any recommendations for programs to put on it? I plan to get completely organized and actually use the calendar and all that jazz for appointments and such.

UT looked completely outmatched and outgunned against Louisville. Rick Pitino has had the Vols number since he was a coach at Kentucky. I'm still pleased with the season and hope that we can hold on to Pearl for a few more years.

It looks like Gamestop is undergoing some major changes for the better. You'll now be able to preorder online and pick up in the store as well as use gift cards and trade credit online as well. It's about time they got with the rest of the modern retail world.

It was a great week of Radio for both the Howard Stern Show as well as the Kidd Chris Show. Tracy Morgan was excellent on Stern as was the Robin and Jim thing. It was nice to hear Robin squirm a bit to give Artie a bit of a break. Here's Artie on the Donnie Deutsch program. I love Artie, but he looks bad now. Wake up Artie and get healthy again. You're too valuable a part of the Stern Show and a heck of a comedian to be lost to the world.

Kidd Chris was simply amazing again this week. I'm really worried about Constantine. He seems to be getting mad and upset alot more these days. Connie Mania and Stone Cold Cheese Austin (pictured below) were great as usual.
. It was great to hear Larry Mendte again as well as Egg Nog's Drunken ramblings. Kidd Chris has really hit new heights and I'm glad to hear that the ratings are climbing. Hopefully, they'll be #1 in Philly soon. At some point you really have to wonder when Kidd Chris gets a syndication deal like Howard Stern used to have. I've made it a habit over the last year or so to listen to as many so called "shock" jocks as possible and there's not one show out there that's as good as Kidd Chris. Nice job fellas and congrats again on the ratings jump. It's nice to see good work rewarded. Here's a link to the Kidd Chris Youtube page. Give it a look if you're interested.

On the personal front, I'm doing ok I suppose. It's been a rough week and I'm looking forward to it being over. I'm trying to hang in there no matter how hard it gets. Thanks again to all my friends and family, and thanks to my readers.


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