Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday into Monday thoughts

First of all happy birthday to Metro of the Kidd Chris Show.

Well another week of work is off and running. I came home tonight and went into the kitchen to fix a snack and heard Jack hissing and popping at the front door. I figured it was just the feral cats that I feed eating, but I looked out the front door and saw the biggest racoon I've ever seen in my life. I snuck as close to the front door as I could and reached for my cell phone camera, but I couldn't find it. He was a beautiful creature and I'm thrilled to see them back again. He was eating right beside a couple of ferals with not one of them bothering the other. I love wildlife and I really love racoons. I'd like to have one for a pet, but that's not wise, so I'll just enjoy them from afar. I enjoy feeding the ferals and I really feel that it's my duty to take care of them since no one else will. Heck me and my wife even gave all of them names before she left. I've yet to figure out a name for the racoon, but I can guarantee you it's not going to be Rocky hehe.

A reporter I work with (who will remain nameless here due to people I work with reading the blog) came into make some "escape tapes". For those that don't know, escape tapes are nothing more than resume tapes. I really need to get out of the TV business since it's going downhill nationwide. I read yesterday about layoffs in Philly, layoffs at every station in Knoxville, and layoffs all over the place. The internet is killing the TV business. People don't need local television anymore since news is instantly on the internet. Heck you can even watch your favorite network shows for free from their individual websites. I just hope I can get out of this business soon.

My friend Quint75 aka Jim who blogs over at Memory Almost Full has been doing an excellent series called "The Greats". It's a discussion of his favorite movies, books, and all other sorts of items. He's doing a hell of a job with it and I find that I agree with most all of his picks. Check it out for sure as it's a great series.

I'm almost thru God of War II and it's getting crazy hard. I hope to be done with it tomorrow so I can trade it in. Then it's Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 4, and the Metal Gear Solid series. Sigh, lots of games to finish. I'm still playing MLB as well on the PSP and the PS3. I love my 60gb PS3 and I'm so glad I got one with the complete backwards compatibility.

Happy Birthday to my Mom. I'm not going to say how old she is since it's not polite to reveal a woman's age.

As always, thanks for reading



John Enoch said...

Hey Dave, great blog! Probably late to the party but better late than never, right?

You say that 'God of War II' is getting crazy hard...what difficulty are you playing on? I'm almost through the PSP game and will tackle the PS2 games next and there are times where I'm getting my ass kicked on "Normal".

Dave Roland said...

I'm playing on normal as well. All 3 games get really hard at times and there is absolutely no way that I'd ever go up to Hard or God mode. I'd never make it thru.

Thanks for the kind comments on the blog. It's appreciated Johnny. Hope the move is going well too.