Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Thanks to the many loyal Kidd Chris listeners and fans for reading the blog today. I hope you enjoy the interview with Lady Gash as much as I enjoyed doing it. As I've said before, I hope to get most of the staff as well as all of the Underbelly and popular callers on for an interview. As I've said in the past, Kidd Chris is simply the greatest and I love being able to interview some of the people who are involved either indirectly or directly to the show. For the record, I know I open myself up by asking if they have any questions for me, since the two I've been asked so far have directly involved my junk, but I don't mind at all. Again, a big thanks to Lady Gash, Metro, and Yeti from the Kidd Chris Show for the great interviews so far. I hope to get an interview with Slim this week at some point as well as some other show regulars. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to hit me up on AIM. dave360xbl. My Myspace page is over on the right, just add me as well. it's here

The Miserable Men now have their own website and own forums. Check em out at Miserable Men and join up at the forums. I listen to three shows on a weekly basis: Kidd Chris, Miserable Men, and Howard Stern. I hope that they're free of SFN and I hope the website continues to grow. They have forums set up for Stern, Bubba, and all the Sirius gang so go over and check them out.

As for life on the personal front, I'm not so miserable anymore. I truly do love my life right now and wonder if it could get any better. I honestly haven't played my 360 or PS3 in ages. I'm still writing here and at WNR but I just honestly haven't had time to write much at either place here lately. Work is killing me and I've been working alot of mornings which means no Kidd Chris or blogging or gaming. I'm just glad that my personal life is going so good. For the longest time, I was miserable. My personal life and my work life sucked, but now that's all changed.

Well that's all for now. Thanks again to everyone for reading and have a good one folks.

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