Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 Questions with Lady Gash

One of Lady Gash's favorite pictures with Kidd Chris right after the Schwoogies song. The realm of song parodies in the radio world is dominated largely by men. Richard Christie, Sal Governale, Mike Morse, Dan the Song Parody Man, Skidmark, Suge White, DJ Eggnog, and some of the other Stern Show and Kidd Chris show regulars are among the best, but one name deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as all of the above. That name is Lady Gash. Lady Gash is THE Premier female song parody artist in all of radio and is one of the best in radio male or female, bar none. You know her from such hits as the Schwoogie song, Fat and Yella, and Shark Week. Without further adieu in unedited form here is my interview with the Queen of Song Parodies, a level 5 Underbelly, and a great gal: Lady Gash

Question #1. For the readers, tell us a little bit about yourself,
Lady Gash: My name is Lisa and I am 27 and I love karaoke, dick and fart jokes, the Kidd Chris Show, and am a part time dog sitter if need be.

Question #2. How did you find out about the Kidd Chris Show?
Lady Gash: Well I was working in Narberth the summer of 06 and at the time i would catch some opie and Anthony ( I came from that background) and I believe it was on my way home from work or when I would go on lunch I heard the show in August and September of 2006. My first live event was the Connie bachelor party in October of 2006 at the crazy horse.. i went alone and met up with people i met from myspace WAYYYY before i was in the underbelly. I first entered the chatroom 12-28-06 and went to my first underbelly event in January 07.

Question #3 What was your first group of song parodies?
Lady Gash: I did 3. Angry Drunken Jew, Black Helmets, and Giant Head.

Question #4 How does it feel to be THE Premier female song parody artist in radio and one of the best at doing song parodies in the industry?
Lady Gash: Well I was not the first, the first was Melissa #2 and then she disappeared. I never got to meet her. I am very humble and I'm not a DICK or DOUCHE and I am always grateful. I will not lie I cannot write as well as Suge or nogg but I think I have gotten better. Nogg helped with schwoogies and people can tell what lines were his in the song.

Question #5. We know that you and Suge White are a team. Tell us a bit about that partnership

Lady Gash: Where should I begin? Well he wrote and I sang but I love to contribute to the songs. I wrote about 90 % of the Schwoogies song. Suge does the technical stuff since I am technically retarded. I would go to suge's "studio" and record and sing and I love picking the songs to parody. Just to show you and the readers how dedicated I am to the show and song parodies, I would drive 40 min up and 40 min back to go to suge's studio.

Question #6: Did you have any idea that the Schwoogies song would be as big as it has become?

Lady Gash: No I did not think it would be as popular as it was. I went in that Friday as a birthday gift for myself and on the fly I thought of Blondie and DJ Egg Nogg helped me put it together because he liked what I had and refined it. I love that song and I don't think I can do another one to top it. It was nutty and I had people calling and IM'ing all day after that was on the air.

Question #7. Thomas has been the subject of many of your song parodies. Some of your best parodies are about Thomas. Give me a little bit of info on why Thomas has been the subject of many of your hits.

Lady Gash: He is an easy target and is incredibly funny and fun to make fun of...fun sorry I had to throw in an extra FUN. One of my favorite songs of Thomas is the FAT and YELLA and BIG and ROUND

Question #8, Can you give the readers a hint as to your King of the Sing entry? and will you be singing at the birthday show?

Lady Gash: : My entry is no SCHWOOGIEs since another racist song would not fit the rules of the contest and since there are no darkies on the staff. Who am i going to go after next... the Jews? and just how many spike and levy songs can be made?

Dave Note: Whatever song she does will be gold no matter what.

Question #9, How pleasing is it to hear your songs on the radio and have people singing them? Your parodies are among the best on the Kidd Chris Show
Lady Gash: OMG it is so crazy and you get this rush and giggle to yourself.When the parodies first aired my home friends weren't responsive to it because they DIDN'T GET IT. My dad is all proud and my mom cannot believe what comes out of my mouth. When I go to events with my friends I have people asking me for pictures, talk to their friends on the phone, etc and it is weird because I am just a goober who likes to sing who was just given a chance by suge to do what I like to do.

Question #10 in a rather obvious shout out to Kidd Chris and Nicole Richie. Do you have any questions for me?
Lady Gash: I will ask you a question that my bff nikki asks new underbelly guys which is what is the consistency of your cum ?
Dave: It's pretty thick like a milkshake I suppose and that's as far as we're gonna get into that hehe.

Well there you have it. An interview with the queen of song parodies and a great gal to boot. If you're a fan of the Kidd Chris Show, you have to love the contributions that Lady Gash has made to the show over almost the last two years. She's one of the best and I'd put her up against anyone on any other show.


nicki said...

hahahahahahaha...she's 'technically retarted'

queenofbeingme said...

why weren't important questions asked...like how many pizzas need to be consumed per day to maintain that physique? or what chris McDevvit's cock tastes like?