Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 Questions with Slim

Matt aka Slim is the second of the possible three Level 10 members of the Underbelly with Yeti and possibly Dub-Ill being the third member. I enjoy each of Slim's calls and I have enjoyed his song parodies about Esther and other subjects. Slim is a great caller and always brings the ha-has in each of his calls. Slim's calls to Chris's show made him a natural for an interview so without further delay, here's 10 questions with Slim, unedited and uncut. Enjoy Kidd Chris fans.

1. Begin by telling just a bit about yourself if you will
Slim: I'm from the small town of Hatboro, PA where amazingly enough they used to make hats here back in the day. I'm addicted to reality television in every form, and I've been known to spend entire days playing xbox live. (Dave's note: I've been known to do that as well (the XBOX Live thing)

2. How did you find out about the greatness of Kidd Chris?
Slim: I was driving around Willow Grove one day and amazingly switched over from Jaxon with an X to hear one guy with an annoying laugh make fun of his co-host being Asian, and that was pretty much all i needed. I think it was around the time where they first came over and it was mostly a clip show, and even then bob was on it most of the days.

3. What keeps you listening to Kidd Chris?
Slim: The show is pretty much like what I've done with my friends my entire life, make fun of ourselves and each other, so its pretty easy to connect with it. Most of the time i call in its pretty much a lead in to making fun of myself or Geno.

4. Can we expect more songs about Esther, Kidd Chris's second dog?
Slim: My iTunes is FULL of N-Word Dog songs, but that word has been put on a sort of hiatus so maybe one day we'll get to beat that dead horse again. Hopefully. Maybe I should turn my attention to Thomas's dog, Milo, he's had it on easy street. Stupid Gook Dog.

5. A lot of new listeners to the show don't understand your love of Seal or the greatness of Seal. Explain in a few words your love of Seal and why he's so awesome
Slim: Listing reason as to Seals greatness could take hours Dave, lets be serious. Really though, Kiss From a Rose on the Grave? c'mon people...he's the most prolific songwriter of our time. You know you've 'made' it when your songs are the live backdrop at a figure skating exhibition, plus he wears a silk cloth as a scarf. Any black man that can pull that off and has been on a Batman soundtrack is OK in my book
(Dave's note: He's also married to Heidi Klum, so that makes him pretty damn cool in my book as well)

6. For those of us without Level 10 status or even Underbelly status in my case, what is a visit to the studio like?
Slim: Their old studio was pretty normal, cause all the other shows used it, but the new one is pretty much a cave, all the windows are covered in posters and there is relatively no light,but when you get in there you pretty much expect to be roasted for about 15 minutes, and that pretty much is what happens.

7.What is like to be a Level 10 Underbelly? What rewards and perks have you received from it?
Slim: Aside from being destroyed by Chris every time the topic is brought up you mean? The fact that people like Coz, and BigFartinTheFace look up to me on a daily basis, is reward enough for me.

8. If you had to choose Kidd Chris or XBOX 360? And will we see more breaking news updates on gaming?
Slim: WHOA
dave: I bring the tough questions.
Slim: I may have to go Kidd Chris, because I've tried doing both at the same time and I end up getting pwn3d like a n00b. When there is any kind of Halo, Comic books, and 2 Cold Scorpio news,...the Kidd Show is the first number I dial.

9. How's the job hunt going?
Slim: It's actually non existent, I'm going back to school to get my Microsoft Certification and hope to score an internship while I'm there to get some experience in the field, but that still leaves me time to play GTA and score hookers, have sex with them, and then beat them up to steal their money.

10. And last but not least in true Nicole Richie fashion, do you have any questions for me?
Slim: Who would you rather have sex with, Lex Luger or Seal?
Dave: I'd have to say Seal because you're never gonna survive unless you get a little crazy.
Slim: YES, that and Lex killed Ms Elizabeth. I too would choose a sexy black man than a murdering wrestling legend.

Thanks Slim for doing it. It's appreciated on this end. I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

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