Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday thoughts

First of all,I'd like to wish a special happy mother's day to my Mom, Ashley, Barb (Jim's Wife), Sandy, and all the other mothers in the world whether they be the mothers of kids or pets. Pet Moms are important too. I'd also like to give a Special Mother's Day wish to Kidd Chris. What's up Mama?

The Kidd Chris Show was excellent this week. The King of the Sing Contest is heating up. I enjoyed Yeti's song parody (all 10 seconds of it he he) as well as Slim and Dub Ill's song. Chase Muttley's song was excellent as well. Kidd Chris has really been burning it up lately. The Show has been the best it's been since I started listening. As I posted the other morning, I am truly pissed that I can't go up for the Birthday show. I had looked forward to meeting Slim, Yeti and some of the other folks who I've interviewed as well as Metro and some other show regulars.

I've been Itunesing (is that even a word) a lot of music lately. I bought "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse this morning as well as "I'm not Jesus by Apocalyptica". I really like that song and I even pre-ordered Disturbed's new CD but was disappointed to learn that Inside the Fire isn't available yet. Oh well I guess I can wait for the album to come out. I used to download a lot of shit thru bad means, but I stopped all that ages ago. It's just too damn easy to get caught.

I'm getting Dish Network installed Tuesday to close out the Bellsouth/ATT triumverate. I have Bellsouth DSL, Phone, and now Dish Network. I cancelled Comcast a while ago and have had to catch up on Grey's Anatomy via ABC online. It's been good so far. I really need to catch up on How I Met Your Mother as well. I'm looking forward to watching some footy again on Saturday and Sunday morning and am even considering getting Setanta as well.

Well I think I'm all caught up. I'll try and post more tomorrow. Again to all the mothers of both fur and furless kids, have a Happy Mother's Day.

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