Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks and other thoughts!!

A big thanks to Yeti and to the folks at the Kidd Chris Show for the nice words this morning. I'll keep pimping the Kidd Chris Show till I die. COBRA 4 LIFE!! I figured Chris would bust on me a bit more, but I was surprised.

For those wondering my dad made it thru surgery this morning and just from an initial glance the doctors said the growth appeared to be benign. We'll see once it gets back from the pathologist. I'm so glad right now that he made it thru since I'm not sure I can really stand much more bad news in my life.

My life is truly amazing at this point and I've got to be thankful for it. A few months ago I was down and out, but now things are so much better than they've been in years.

I sent questions off to Metro last night for an interview with him and hopefully at some point tonight I can get an interview up with the Queen of Song Parodies, the lovely and talented Lady Gash.

As always, thanks for reading

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