Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks Yeti

A big thanks to Yeti for the interview. Tonight was a big night for me. I was on IM and who IM's me? The Queen of Song Parodies and one of the greatest of all time, Lady Gash. In one night, I got to talk to two people I really have the utmost respect for in Yeti and Lady Gash.

Lady Gash is one of the best in the business and I'd put her up against anyone in the song parody business or even the music business. Carrie Underwood, Madonna, or any of the "so called greats" don't have shit on her. Great voice, great sense of humor, and just a great talent for song parodies. I'm seriously on Cloud Nine right now. Again a big thanks to Yeti, Lady Gash, and a big thanks to all the Kidd Chris fans for reading. As I've posted probably a 1000 times before, this blog is my release and it's a huge thrill for me to have Kidd Chris fans reading my blog.

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