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10 Questions with Metro from the Kidd Chris Show

As I've posted on this blog before, there's no one who's a bigger fan of Metro who is the producer for the Kidd Chris Show than me. Metro's been a great supporter of this blog and as I posted a few weeks ago, sent me some Kidd Chris stuff (t-shirts, cup holders, and bumper stickers which I have proudly displayed on my car).I feel that since Metro came on as producer and since the move to mornings, the guests have been better and the show has improved as well. Metro has done such a good job and works constantly on the show even after it's over.(as evidenced by Monday's show). I'll say it once more, I'm a huge fan of Metro and to me there's only one radio producer who does it better than Metro and that's Gary Dell'abate aka Baba Booey of the Howard Stern Show.

I came up with the idea last week to try and get some interviews with some show members and callers and much to my surprise, Metro was the first to accept via email. As I've said in the past, this blog is about what I like and there's nothing better to me than the Kidd Chris Show. Just like with the Yeti Interview, Metro's answers are unedited and untouched by me. In the interview, Metro touches on Mary Carey being on Preston and Steve (who suck by the way) as well as his hats, and Car Accident Radio. I hope you guys and gals enjoy the interview because I enjoyed putting it together and it truly is a thrill for me to get to interview the producer of what is in my opinion a 3 ring circus, as well as the Greatest Show on Earth (Sorry PT Barnum and company, but you folks don't have shit ont the Kidd Chris show other than real elephants).

1. Metro please start off with telling me a little bit about yourself? What was your first job in radio? How did you get hooked up with Chris?

First let me say it's honor to follow up the legendary Yeti on the interview list. My guess is that Dan The Plug Guy was busy (dave's note: I have no idea if Dan the Plug Guy was busy, but I'd like to talk to him as well). In all seriousness though I am amazed by the underbelly, their loyalty, and what they do for the show. I'm glad they are on our side. It's unreal. As for me I've been doing radio for over six years now. My first job was in promotions giving away t-shirts and embarrassing teenagers at Q102 in Philly. Which is pretty much what I do now, just the prizes are better and the people are older. From there I worked on their night show then started producing Morning Shows and jumped around a bit. As for Chris, they blew up a Talk station and The Kidd Chris Show and I were the only ones left standing.

2. You have an amazing talent for achieving the "hard get" interviews like Lori Wilson from the 10 show, Super Dave Osborne, Ron Paul, and others. If you can, take me behind the curtain as to how hard it is to book these type of guests that don't normally do the Kidd Chris Show? What goes into getting them to come on? How much negotiation takes place?

There's not really a curtain. It's a healthy mix of reassuring, bothering, and lying. The show has a bit of a reputation but it's all in how you handle each situation.

3. You wear many hats both literally and figuratively on the show. From the Army hat to the Squid hat. Did you have any idea that your headgear would become such hot topics on the show?

Is it a hot topic? I don't know. I do have a dream though of looking out at a sea of Squids hats. They are in the works cause their FUNNY! GET IT!
(Dave's note-The Squid hat was great and I'd love to have one, hint, hint, wink, wink)

4. Almost from the beginning on the Kidd Chris show, you've given as much shit as you've gotten in return. Take us behind the scenes of striking back at Blake from sales for the Malibu song. Your retort was great and left Blake speechless (something that almost never happens)

I think it's great that we keep saying "behind the scenes" and "pull back the curtain" like there is a grand mastermind plan in play here. Really what you hear is what you hear. And Blake is speechless not nearly enough.

5. Give me an idea of how it is to work with someone like Chris who along with you guys comes up with some of the most brilliant ideas in radio.

Chris is great. I have more fun on this show than any I've ever been a part of. And I've never seen a host work as hard as he does. I'm used to watching a Morning Show host roll out at 11am and being left by myself till 5pm working on their show. But he's totally different and I'll be his guy as long as he'll have me. Isn't that adorable! (dave: yes it is)

6. How nerve wracking was the whole "Marey Carey being on Preston and Steve" bit? I'd imagine that you guys were nervous since that's something that Stern never even did. I said to Chris over AIM that it was the greatest single shot ever fired in a radio war. How did it come together and where do you think it places on the list of greatest radio war retaliations ever? This was the greatest moment in radio history as far as I'm concerned and I wonder if you guys feel the same way.

We weren't even sure it was going to happen until the last minute. There was no plan of Mary being on the show until we forced the club to book it. We were worried that Mary might not pull the trigger so we sent Chuck as a backup. At the last minute we thought for sure it wouldn't go down but Chuck surprised us all. The Stern/Debella fight is still so legendary here that I can't feel comfortable ranking it. All I can say is that it was the first shot in a war that will only get bloodier. There's still so much in the works.

7. I view the "uncomfortableness" of the show as one of the greatest parts of the show. Do you view it the same way? It's like Spike said "Chris isn't happy unless no one is comfortable in the studio"

Yeah especially when it's not you. It's Car Accident Radio.

8. When is the next Gay Challenge?
It replays every weekend in Eggnog's head. Who knows. I don't know where you take that from here. Any further and it's a lifestyle choice not a bit.

9. The Show seems to have hit new strides as far as bits since you, EggNog, and Lurch have come on staff. What's in the pipeline for later?, and will bits like Get out of my Cab, Unplugged interviews, Gay Challenge, and some of the other newer bits continue?

If people like it they will continue. We're due for a new edition of Get Out Of My Cab. Strip For Spins is something that we've only done once that I would love to see continue. As for what's on the way...The Birthday Show is shaping up to be great. I think Thomas in a glass box with snakes is worth the trip alone. For the show, I think the next wave is embarrassing you in front of your family. What's more uncomfortable than that?

10. I'll end the interview with a Kidd Chris classic question. Do you have any questions for me?

Did I suck? Is Yeti more interesting than me? Can I be a level 10?
Nope Metro you most assuredly didn't suck. I enjoyed the honesty of your answers.

I'd place you and Yeti on the same plane as far as interesting. I work in television so I can appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes and that's what interests me.

You'll have to ask Yeti or Slim (the Golden Gods of the Underbelly) if you can be a level 10. I'm not a member of the underbelly but I'm hoping to be the Steve Langford of the Underbelly (without the huge penis of course-obvious Stern reference)

A big thanks again to Metro for doing the interview and for the nice schwag he sent me last month. I really appreciate it man.

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