Monday, March 17, 2008

Thoughts on a cold cold Monday morning

In Honor of St. Patrick's day. The remainder of today's blog will be in green. So shoot me!!

So the big announcement on Kidd Chris was a Stone Temple Pilots Concert in Philly. I told ya, he's the master of hype.

Miserable Men was great last night. As much as I miss Florentine, Al Rosenberg is a great replacement. Being a newer Stern fan and only listening since he went to Sirius, the only times I knew of Al was when he called into the show and when he was on the History of Howard Stern. This is why Levy and Shuli are comedic titans. Right after people laughed at what Al had to say on the History of Howard Stern, he shows up as a regular on Miserable Men. Al has made the show better and the old jokes and friendly banter between he and the Reverend make the show even better than what it was before. Al is great and I'd love to see him become more involved with the Stern Show again since some of the classic WNBC bits were written by him. Mike Morse has been on fire lately with his song parodies and he's even written quite a few for Kidd Chris as well.

So Tennessee gets a #2 seed in what I think is the toughest bracket of all. Bruce Pearl and the gang felt they deserved a #1 seed, but I feel a #2 is appropriate given their loss to Arkansas Saturday night. For the record, I think this is the year that the Vols make it into the Elite 8. North Carolina has pounded us the last two or three times we've played them and Tyler Hansbrough is just a monster. I'm curious to see if Tyler Smith, Wayne Chism, or Duke Crews can match up at all with him. As I've said on numerous occasions, I really have to pinch myself when I think or talk about UT Basketball. I simply cannot believe that UT Basketball is not only good now, but our coach and our players are being talked about on a national level. I just hope there's some way that we can keep Bruce Pearl for a long long time. He's achieved so much in such a short time and he's taken people's minds off the football team.

At work yesterday, we were talking about great announcers and how they make the games better. We mentioned the usual suspects, but I brought up a name that everyone else in the room just looked at me with a blank stare. Martin Tyler. Martin Tyler is as far as I'm concerned the premier Footy announcer in the world and has the greatest voice in the world. You've got to love being able to throw Soccer into an American sports discussion and get the blank stares.

Big Gaming week at the Casa de Roland. Rainbow Six Vegas is out tomorrow as is the Metal Gear Solid Collection. I think I'm looking more forward to the Metal Gear Collection than Rainbow simply due to the fact that I've never played the MGS series, and I've heard how good it is. For the record, I love my PS3 much more than my 360. Since I bought my PS3 I've played more series that I missed out on by not having a PS2 for all those years, including SOCOM, God of War, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, ICO, Shadows of the Colossus, Hot Shots, and now the MGS series. I've totally become a PS3 fanboy in the last few months. I'm just glad I got one of the 60gb ones with full backwards compatibility. In a year of bad decisions, it's been one of my best. Short of Gears of war, I think I could live without my 360

Onto Personal Stuff. A coworker of mine and a reader of this blog's father has cancer and is pretty sick right now. If you pray, please pray for him and if you don't pray, at least keep a good thought for him. I'm doing all right and hanging in there. For the first time in a while, I'm thinking I may get a tattoo. Id love to get the Celtic Football logo on my arm along with some Celtic banding above and below it. I figure it's safe to get sports teams on your arm as opposed to anything else since I don't see a way that I'll ever stop loving Celtic. As for things on the other front, I'm hanging in there and that's the most important thing. I'm in a holding pattern for now but to be honest, that's probably for the best. You know it's been a while since I've done a Top Ten List ala David Lettermen so without further adieu, here goes

The Top 10 things that make me the Happiest as of March 17th

10. The Cubs-Hey this will be their year (OK probably not, but for Cubs fans hope springs eternal). As long as they beat Quint's Cardinals I'm happy either way. As a reminder Quint blogs over on Memory Almost Full

9. The basketball Vols. It's so nice that everything isn't about Football now.

8. Howard Stern

7. Miserable Men

6. Kidd Chris

5. my PSP

4. My 360

3. My PS3

2. My friends who've been the best thing for me. I'll spare a mention of all their names again, but thanks to each and every one of you.

1. My Cats-I'm a lucky papa. They've all been so good to their father, heck even Brooks has been good and he's the world's worst kitty. So that wraps up another blog for the day. Thanks for reading and here's the quote of the day

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.


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Quint75 said...

Hey partner, what's up? Nice post. Think twice about that tattoo. Not saying don't do it, but think it through.

BTW, I am predicting a 90 loss season for my Cards this year. They look really bad. I think the Cubbies are going to contend for the division title, so you'll have lots of fun at my expense, baseball-wise.

Take care and we'll talk soon. Not sure what your schedule is this week. Drop me an e-mail and let me know.