Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Re-introduction of sorts

It's been a while since I hit the ole reset button and since I have quite a few new readers, I figured I'd reset a bit and refresh the old "getting to know me" post.

My name for those who don't know is "Dave Roland" hence the namesake in "Dave's Not Here Man". I'm 34 years old and I live in Knoxville, TN, but sometimes wish I lived in a much bigger city (just for the sports). I'm the proud parent of cats and am in the process of a divorce (hey it's ok, I'm perfectly fine with it, don't feel bad for me. I'm an avowed Libertarian and will be voting that way in November.

I'm a huge fan of both Kidd Chris and Howard Stern and can't wait for Chris to make his way back to radio in some form or another. I feel that Chris was scapegoated by CBS radio and I hope that he returns to radio on Sirius. I'm also a fan of the Miserable Men Show on Sirius. I listen to quite a bit of so called "shock jock" radio. My reasons for being such a big Stern fan include the prank calls and quite simply, one "Arthur Lange". I love Artie and he's one of my favorite comedians. I haven't gotten the chance to see him live yet, but if ever comes close to Knoxville, TN, then I'm there.

I'm a gamer although not as much anymore. I sold my 360 off to pay some bills so now I only have a PS3. I use it primarily for sports games at the moment (F1 CE, NASCAR 09, MLB08 The Show, and Hot Shots). My gamertag is "itsmedave". Feel free to hit me up for a game of anything. I gamefly non sports games and have had quite a bit of success getting games from the service.

I write for Who Needs Rules as well. My main focus over there is gaming. Scott has done a great job over there and we have a great set of gaming forums as well. It's a real tight knit group and it's pretty diverse as far as topics and discussions go.

Well I guess that's my reset post. I'd like to welcome all my new readers to the blog and since the majority of them are Kidd Chris Listeners, then I'll offer just one tidbit. "Don't lose the faith, Kidd Chris will return".

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