Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tying up some loose ends and other junk.

Well after all the calamity of the last few months (dad being sick, my separation and subsequent divorce) I'm finally catching up on a few of the things that I loved before my life turned into a country song. I finally watched the season finale of Nip Tuck last night and thanks to ITunes I'm all caught up on Grey's Anatomy. I was shocked at the season finale of Nip Tuck and wonder where they can go from here. Grey's has been excellent as per usual and remains my favorite show on television. Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez (Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Torres) are two of the most beautiful women in the world and it was nice to see Kate Walsh back on Grey's. I'm just not a fan of Private Practice yet. I don't feel that the supporting cast comes anywhere close to Grey's.

I got Dish Network today and have had GolTv and Fox Soccer on religiously. I'm thinking of adding Setanta as well.

Well that's all for now. Have a good one folks

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