Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday into Tuesday Thoughts

Well it's 11:47 PM as I'm writing this so unless the police bust in in the next 13 minutes or so, I've been out of jail a full year hehe. As I said in the post yesterday, It's been a rough year for me and a rough day as well, but I'm doing good now I suppose. A big thanks to Quint and his wife Barb for the pick me up today. When you guys head to Knox Vegas or I head to St. Louis, dinner is on me, so order the lobster and the Dom Perigon folks. You two deserve it.

I'm in love again (not with a woman) but with a cell phone. Nope I'm not the lady on Boston Legal who has objectaphilia, I just really like my new Blackjack II. It's an amazing device and I can even listen to Sirius online on it as well. I didn't check to see if I could stream WYSP for Kidd Chris, but I'll check in the morning. The 3G network is really fast (of course it's not as fast as cable but it's got great speed for a cell phone). I'm heading out in the morning to get a MicroSD card and I may replace my IPod with it. The media player is nice and the browser is as well. The Sound quality is good and it has features out the wazoo. I worried that I would want a touch screen, but I really don't miss it. The Blackjack II is a great phone and it's a great smartphone. If you have a chance to pick one up, it's a great phone. This is my first smartphone and I'm impressed with it.

A good friend of mine's dad is really sick with cancer right now so if you pray, please remember him in your prayers, and if you don't pray, at least keep a good thought for him. I've seen so many people taken by cancer in the last few years, it's just so sad.

Well the Lady Vols hung on tonight against Texas A&M and are headed to Tampa for the Final Four. It's Candace Parker's last hurrah as a Lady Vol and I hope she gets to cut down the nets one more time.

The Cubs dropped a tough one last night against the Brewers. As I've said here I feel that the Brewers could very well win the Central. They've done things the right way by building thru their farm system and adding small pieces via free agency. I'm not a fan of the Brewers, but I do appreciate the talent of that team.

That is all for tonight and it's now past midnight, so I've officially been "jail free" for a year. Woohoo. As always, thanks for reading.

Dave :)

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