Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Quint over at Memory Almost Full has started a great series on his blog. It's all about his favorite albums, movies, games, etc and he's calling the series of blogs "The Greats". Quint is a new blogger but has some great friggin columns so far. Anyone that has a Jaws avatar as well as a blog post about Seven Samurai is a-ok with me.

Who Needs Rules is growing every single day and has a great set of writers (myself not included). We have columns on topics ranging from Linux and Communism to gaming stuff. Check it out and I think you'll like it.

I'm enjoying the new "less angry" blogs that I'm posting now without the cursing and all the same content from before. For the record, I did go back thru and delete quite a few posts. I removed all mentions of some people and any over the top blog posts which were done for effect.

I try my very best to post up articles and items that interest me on this blog in hopes that someone else will enjoy them as well. As I've said all along, this blog is my therapy. I can get on here and bang out a few words and it seems to help with my stress and everyday life. I'm thrilled that I have one reader, much less the 60 to 70 people than now read daily. Thanks to everyone for reading.

On a side note, in my never ending quest to find a browser I like, I'm now using Safari and I like it quite alot, although I'm sure the rotation of IE, Firefox, Opera and others will continue soon enough.


Steve Semple said...

Yup -I've been bouncing around with these browsers too.. Safari seems ok, just that it seems to mess up some of my bookmarks (they seem to add some weird letters and such to the name).. I probably will be using the "Big Three" (Firefox, Opera, and IE - in that order) with Safari..

Quint75 said...

Hey buddy, excellent post. And thanks for the mention of Memory Almost Full.

Your blog is the first place I visit every day, no lie. I like to see what you are up to and take a look at what's going on with you. You do a heck of a job making this blog something to look forward to every day. Your blog is what got me interested in doing my own. Keep it up, and know that you are doing so damn good work

BTW, I am a Firefox guy myself...