Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another plug for Kidd Chris

If you're sitting at home between the hours of 6 and 10 am and have nothing to do, pop open the stream at 94 and listen to Foley and the boys. As I've said on this blog many times before, Stern is the innovator and of course I bow down to him, but to me the new king of radio is Kidd Chris. I guarantee that if you give the show an hour, they'll give you 60 minutes (kidding of course I'm no Bob Levy). Just give the show an hour or two and I guarantee you'll be hooked. The prank calls, prostitution price is right, the unplugged interviews, AIM interviews, and most everything else on the show is fresh and original and unlike anything you've ever heard in your life. As I've said before, I listen to Kidd Chris live and listen to Stern on the replay now. I'm hoping to be able to take off some time in May and go up to Philly for the birthday show as I'd love to experience it live.

Not to get into an aside, but this should show you the state of radio today. I live hundreds of miles away from Philly, but get up to listen to a guy there because he's much better than anyone in Knoxville and I even bought Sirius because of the dreaded state of Knoxville radio. I'm not even sure why I have an AM/FM radio in my car anymore. I haven't listened to local radio in over two years. The only choice I have in Knoxville is Mancow and he's horrible. It's sad that there's nothing innovative or anything pushing the edge in Knoxville.

That's all for now, expect more later

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