Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please Mr Hamilton and other thoughts

First a great article by David Klimer in the Tennessean
The article is about Bruce Pearl and the need for UT to pay him whatever it takes to keep him. He mentions Indiana in the article as being a possible suitor this year, and many more for the next few years. I certainly hope that Pearl stays at UT for a long time, but it's always been in the back of my mind that this would happen eventually. Coaches like Bruce Pearl come along once in a lifetime. I can't really think of anyone in Tennessee history short of Ray Mears who's been a great coach, a great person, part ringmaster, part preacher, and part motivation expert. We have the perfect coach at UT and I hope that Mike Hamilton does whatever it takes to make Pearl retire from UT. The article mentions the need to pay Pearl as much or more than Fulmer and I agree. Fulmer has underachieved since winning the national championship in 1998-99 even though he's had some of the most talented teams in the country during that time period. Bruce Pearl has accomplished more at UT in the last few years than Fulmer has and he deserves to paid more than Fulmer. UT is fast becoming a hoops school and Pearl deserves the accolades and payment for making that happen. People are excited about basketball in Big Orange Country for the first time in a long time and that's no small feat. I'd hate to see Pearl leave for a bigger school and see UT Basketball right back in the same shape it was in with O'Neil, Green, and Buzz Petersen, because that's precisely what would happen. Pearl is a needle in a haystack, a diamond in the rough, a once in a lifetime coach and any other silly little cliches you can throw out there. Please Mike Hamilton, keep Bruce at any cost. We now have a great men's coach to go along with Pat Summit, and it's something I wasn't sure that would ever happen.

I'm not real sure what will happen in the game against Louisville Thursday night. We haven't beaten Louisville since Reagan was in office and I'm not sure that will change tomorrow night. We need to see the UT team that played against Memphis and not the team that played against Butler and American U thus far in the tourney. The offense has been great, but the defense hasn't been as strong as it was in the regular season. Just from a layman's point of view, the team seems to be jumping in and out defensive sets too much instead of sticking with man, or a 2-3, or a 3-2. I'm also not seeing that famous UT Pressure that I've seen in past games. The game is a late start tomorrow night (10pm eastern) but I'll be up and watching. UT has never been to the elite 8 so here's hoping they make it. The reward for getting to the Elite 8 will more than likely be against Tyler and the Heels. Some reward huh?

I'm determined to finish up God of War II as well as Army of Two this weekend, so i can trade them in. I still haven't opened Rainbow Six or Metal Gear yet, but I plan on doing it soon. As I've posted on this blog before many times, I have too many unfinished games and I need to finish em before opening new ones.

How great was Jim Florentine on Stern yesterday with Robin? Howard did what he does best by making Jimmy and Robin both squirm when talking about their relationship. It was a great show yesterday.

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