Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week in Review

You know what's better than 1 Miserable Men show? 3 of them, complete with Femme Fatale Revelations. The Fantastic Four (Shuli, Levy, Al, and Mike) did a great job doing 10 hours of radio in one week. If this doesn't prove to Tim Sabien that the boys can do four hours a week whether it be on Friday morning or Sunday night, then nothing will. Great job guys.

Kidd Chris was nothing short of amazing this week. Showing up on Preston and Steve with Mary Carey and Chuck was nothing short of brilliant. If you're not listening to Kidd Chris, you're simply missing out. He's the crown jewel of terrestrial radio.

Stern was a bit bleh this week but made up for it on Thursday. Artie missed Tuesday and Wednesday and the guys are on vacation this week. Lisa Renna was great as was Richard Lewis.

The demos for Patapon and MLB08 The Show on the PSP were nothing short of fantastic. you can check my impressions out over at Who Needs Rules. Scott has done a hell of a job over there and it's a great site for gaming and pretty much everything else. The PS3 demo for MLB was even better. This will mark the first time I've ever bought the same game for two different systems, that's how good the MLB series is. Hats off to SCEA San Diego. You guys flat out know how to make the magic in baseball games.

McCain pulled even further ahead in the Republican primaries and Barack is now the clear leader for the Dems.

Well that's it for the week in review. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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