Thursday, February 14, 2008

The War has begun. Whose side are you on?

The opening shots were fired this morning in perhaps one of the most brilliant displays on terrestrial radio that has even been seen. Kidd Chris sent adult film star Mary Carey along with a loyal Kidd listener named Chuck (who I think is Blake from Sale's roommate but I'm not sure) who acted as her slave boyfriend. At the end of the interview Chuck mentioned Kidd Chris several times on Preston and Steve's radio show before they abruptly cut out and went to break. Chuck was then cussed out by one of their nancyboy producers. If you'd like to hear the clip,
here's a download of it.

What a brilliant move that harkens back to the times of Stern vs Debella, Stern vs Mancow, and others. The Stern battles were legendary, but I don't think Stern ever went this far. What a great move by Kidd Chris. He is a fucking radio genius. As I've said before, Stern is brilliant, but Kidd Chris has surpassed even him. The war has begun ladies and gentlemen. Whose side are you on? It's time to play the FUCKING GAME!!!

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