Monday, February 4, 2008

Romo on Miserable Men and a Top 10

I was never a big fan of Bill Romanowski when he played for the Raiders and Broncos, but I do love to listen to him talk about Pro Football and how rough a sport it is. He was great on the Miserable Men Show yesterday and kudos to the guys for bringing in a sports guy to talk "real" about the game.

Here's my Top 10 for the week
Top 10 Stern Fights in no particular order

10. Sal and Artie fight
09. Sal and Howard fight from last week
08. Stuttering John and AJ Benza fight
07. Artie vs High Pitch Mike
06. Artie vs Bob Levy (several of them)
05. Artie vs CrystalClear (porn star)
04. Fred and the Rainbow Room
03. Stuttering John vs Cabbie in the ring
02 Howard vs all other radio DJ's (Mancow, Imus, Debella, Mark and Brian)
01. Artie vs Howard (the Bro fight)

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