Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Night for the Coen Brothers

First of all a big thanks to Quint. You're the man my brother. I appreciate you so much and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You know the internet is a bit of a magical place. You get to know people from playing games with them or being a member of a forum with them and they become some of your best friends. As for my state of mind, I'm coping I suppose.

Big Night for the Coen Brothers at the OSCARS. I work at an ABC affiliate and while waiting for our late local news to start, I always seem to catch the Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture awards being handed out. Nothing but a side observation, but I always catch the biggest awards. No Country for Old Men is a spectacular movie (saw it with a friend of mine yesterday) and it deserved all the awards.

The fella who does Sports for us (I'll let him remain nameless as to protect his identity) and I were talking tonight about how we're too old for and all the other sports websites. He's 35 and I'm 34 and we really feel that we're out the main demographic that ESPN is looking for. We talked about longing for the days when shit didn't fly all over the monitor and it wasn't quite so flash happy. For the record, I stil love the BBC's football err soccer website. It's plain, simple, and gets you the info you need fast.

Bruce Pearl came into the studio this morning to tape something and a friend of mine I work with was laughing about how much in awe of him the people working were. He took the time to talk to everyone and sign anything and everything they wanted signed. I met Bruce right before last year's final four at the station and he is every bit as colorful and friendly as he seems on television. We got into a discussion about how no matter how big a celebrity you are, there's always someone who you're just dying and gushing to meet. I can remember when Stern interviewed Paul McCartney and just how much in awe of him he was. Howard Stern is the biggest name in radio, but even he bowed to Sir Paul.

Stern is new tomorrow and I'm working again. Thanks for reading and have a good one everyone. I guess this is as good a time as any to stop writing. My pet kitty Jack just decided he needed attention. Thanks folks


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