Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kidd Chris Quickshots

I know I have lots of readers from San Antonio, Philly, and Portland, so here's a few thoughts on the greatest show on earth. 

I've got to admit I miss Thomas and I'd love to have him back.  It's not that I don't like Marconi, he's just not Thomas.  Thomas put himself out there every single day and nothing was ever held back.  We knew most every detail of his life and he took more crap from listeners than anyone else ever has.  It seems that both Chop (whom I really enjoy both censored and uncensored on the podcast) and Chris are readily sharing every painstaking detail of their lives, while Marconi seems to hold back (which is understandable).  I look forward to the show developing a bit more and hopefully the crew gelling even more.

The Norm MacDonald Interview was simply put, one of the best interviews I've ever heard Christopher Derek do in his career.  I loved the one armed uncle story as well as the Don Rickles stuff as well.  Norm is classic and is funny without really even trying. 

Andrew and I listened with excitement to hear about Chop's brother.  We watched all the stories online and checked every little bit to see if he'd been caught yet.  The whole "My feet are rotting off" soundbite is one of the best drops on the show and I laugh each time I hear it. 

I love the uncensored stuff on the podcast as well.  Porkchop loves using the various words he can't normally say and he's diamond on the podcast.  If you're not subscribing, then you're missing out.  Hit this link to sign up.  It's the best $10 a month ever and Chris is planning on doing some extra shows once his home stuff is setup and we're getting exclusive stuff over stream listeners as well.  I do miss the music quite a bit listening on the podcast (specifically It's Time to Play the Game), but the podcast is well worth it.  Chris isn't just pocketing the money either. It's going towards show stuff including bringing Connie out next week for a KUFO function. 

For anyone who's never listened to Kidd Chris, hit the link on the right.  He's the best talent in radio

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salina said...

this has got to be the best ten bucks i have ever spent!