Friday, October 22, 2010

A Few Sports Quickshots

I'll post up a few  sports quickshots since I haven't blogged in a while

(the American version)
1. The Vols are horrid.  I understand that Derek Dooley doesn't have much to work with be, but if you'll recall, I was completely against the hiring of Derek Dooley.  I didn't like his old man at Georgia, and I'm still against the hiring.  I hope Dooley's stay at UT is a short one.

2. I've been excited at watching the rebirth of Mike Williams in Seattle.  I loved watching him play for USC and was excited for about 15 minutes when he signed with the Titans a few years ago.  It's good to see him come back and play really well. 

I loved Bruce Pearl.  I don't anymore.  What he did was wrong and not even the most expensive set of Orange Colored Glasses from Oakley is going to change my mind.  As bad as I hate to say it, I think he should be gone.  UT is going to be slammed by the NCAA anyways, might as well start the rebuilding with a new coach.

Football (aka Footy)
1. Gotta say I'm shocked that Roo resigned with Manu (re).  I figured he was as good as gone after last week's diss of Fergie and The Glazers.  I figured City or the Galacticos (Real Madrid for those not in the know) to rejoin with Ronaldo. 

2. It's so good to see my favorite soccer player of all time playing in New York.  My man crush for Thierry Henry has been huge for years dating back to his days in Highbury with the Gunners.  I've tried my best to watch highlights and it's so good to see him in New York.  I couldn't wait to fire up FIFA and score a few with him. 

3. The big rumor now is that the ugliest man in the world (short of me) Dinho (aka Ronaldinho) might be heading to play for the LA Galaxy.  Becks coming to MLS was a foundation, Henry heading over was great, and Dinho playing in MLS would be the icing on the proverbial cake. 


Good to see the Rangers in the Series.  I'm no Yankee hater, just nice to see someone different for a change.

Doc Halladay's No No was amazing.  Watched a lot of the highlights on the net the next morning. 

Still wishing the Cubs had went with Ryno instead of Quade, but that's just the silly sentimental Lovable Loser fan in me. 

Well I think I'm caught up on Sports, a few more quickshots in a bit

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