Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Few Video Game Quickshots

Since I've been laying on my rear for the better part of four months, you can imagine, I've played quite a few games.  Here's a few impressions and what I'm looking forward to.  As you can imagine, I have little income to spend on games, so I'm going to have to get creative to play some titles.

At one point over the summer, I got so bored that I knocked the dust off the old 360.  I hadn't played it in quite some time, but I did enjoy the excellent Splinter Cell Conviction.  Just an amazing game and I love each game in the series more and more.  I played some Alan Wake and got bored with it quickly.  It felt too much like I'd played it before when I played Resident Evil.  I also started Halo Reach on a rental and loved it.  I loved the flying section like no other game and would love if there were a separate flying game in the series.  I need to re-rent it and finish it up because I did love the game quite a lot.  I've made no bones about the fact that I heart my PS3 much more than my 360.  I gave up my gold account long ago since I never played online.  It's ridiculous to me that to get new rosters and squads for EA Sports Games on the 360 that you must have a Gold Account.  I don't want to play online, just get new rosters, so that's why I play all sports games on my ps3.  I also find it a bit ridiculous that you must have XBL gold to get Netflix when it's cost free and now disc free on my PS3.

I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption and hated to see it end.  One of the better Western games I've ever played.  I'm currently playing FIFA10 with updated squads so I can make Thierry Henry the leading scoring in MLS.  I'm also waiting to find a cheap copy of FIFA11 and F12010.  I love F1 and can't wait to try it out once I find it cheap enough.  Hopefully I'll strike gold on Craigslist or at a pawn shop soon.  I'm loving NHL11 when I get to play it.  I'm waiting on a patch and updated rosters to take the Habs back to the Stanley Cup Finals.

I'm sure I've played lots more, but I can't really recall much.  I need to play Medal of Honor and I'm anxious to try out a wrestling game for the first time in years.  I'm thinking I might pick up the Legends game and an old version of SVR as well.

On a side note, I'm also going to let the greatest kid ever, aka Andrew Cox start posting some reviews and impressions on games as well, just as soon as I get approval from the boss (aka Mom).  He's playing loads of games and beating the heck out of em.

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