Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quickshot Review: BookWorm for IPhone

Price $4.99
Developer: Popcap
Rating-Must Buy!!!!

Two of the three of Popcap's biggest games have now made their way to the IPhone platform. Bookworm joins Bejeweled (and hopefully Peggle soon!!) as two of the best games on the App Store for IPhone and at $5 is a steal. The premise is simple, create words and score points, but it goes much deeper than that. Bonus tiles and flaming tiles both aid and impede your progress. It's amazing to me after playing this, just how many word games on the app store have ripped off BookWorm. There's no substitute for Bookworm, it's simply one of the best word games ever. There's a timed mode as well as a classic mode for those of us who actually have to think about what words to create. At $5, BookWorm is very much an impulse buy (it was for me at least). The game is lots of fun and is an excellent time waster as well.

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