Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Golf Review

Let's Golf
Developer: Gameloft
Price $5.99
My thoughts: pick it up if you've enjoyed Hot Shots, Tiger Woods, or any other golf game. This game controls like a champ and has so many options, you'll check to see if you're playing it on an IPhone. Definite Buy

I love video game golf. There's not much better than sitting down to enjoy a virtual 18, but golf on your cell phone? If you'd told me a few months ago that I'd not only play a golf game on my cell phone, but be addicted to it as well, I'd have told you that you were flat out wrong. Well, I'm the one who was wrong. Gameloft has done it again with Let's Play Golf.This game plays a lot like the Hot Shots series and is just as much fun.
The Options Screen

As seen above, you can play tournaments, short instant play sessions consisting of a shorter number or holes and it has multiplayer as well. There are several difficulty levels and two control methods which should suit anyone. As you know, controls on any IPhone game can make or break a game, and luckily, Gameloft has put great controls in place. You can either go with a meter which mirrors Tiger Woods and Hot Shots, or drag your finger back and forth to vary the power even more. This mode was a bit harder to control, although others might find it easier. I stuck with the first option.

The graphics for Let's Play Golf are nothing short of stunning. The character and course detail are top notch not only for an IPhone game, but for many PSP and DS games, I've seen as well. I had to look down several times to make sure I didn't have my PSP in my hands, the graphics are that good. There is an occasional frame rate dip, but it's barely noticeable and didn't affect gameplay for me at all.

This is a full featured golf game at a not so full featured price. Let's Play Golf is hands down the best golf game on the App Store and I cannot recommend it enough. I've had a blast the last few days with it and I love the quickplay option. It's nice to get a short round in while waiting to go into work or while just sitting around doing nothing. Let's Play Golf is a definite buy for anyone who's a fan of the Tiger Woods Series or the Hot Shots series.

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