Thursday, March 19, 2009

Season 5 of 24 done

I finished up Season 5 of 24 and a couple of episodes in Season 6 last night and Season 5 was my favorite so far.  I'm sad that I'm just about caught up and I'm even more saddened after a friend at work told me that Season 8 will be the last season, but on the plus side, there will be a movie to finish up 24.  I seriously think 24 could transition from the small screen to the big screen with little to no problem.  Given the success of the Bourne series as well as the Bond series, I think Jack Bauer would do well in the theater and could continue for a while.  24 averages roughly 20 million viewers a week.  If those same 20 million viewers (and God knows how many IPod viewers and international viewers there are) paid $10 a ticket to go see a 24 movie, then that's $200 million easily.  I think that's worth Fox's investment to continue to make 24 on the big screen. 

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