Monday, March 23, 2009

I've finally reached season 7 of 24

I've finally reached season 7 of 24. I finished up Season 6, 24 Redemption, and the first episode of Season 7 yesterday before heading into work. I thought Season 6 was pretty good. Granted, it did seem to borrow heavily from the other seasons,and it was very formulaic, but it was still 24 and it's still good.

24 Redemption was horrible to me and just didn't have the quality of story that any of the previous seasons have. It did serve it's purpose though, to get Jack back to Washington.

The first episode of Season 7 was pretty good, but it seems everything is out of place. No CTU, Jack on Trial, No Chloe, Morris, or Bil Buchanan, and it seems that Tony is now a criminal. To add to that, Janene Garafolo is now on 24. I cannot stand her one single bit and I hope her stay is very short. I hope to be caught up completely and ready for new episodes by next Monday night's showing. We'll see if that happens.

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