Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown

First of all a warning since this post will have a tad bit of dirty language.  I know I don't cuss as much as I used to on the ole blog, but I'm outraged at this story. 

I'm not big into pop culture.  As a matter of fact the only exposure I had to a Rihanna song was Lady Gash's "Thomas is Fat and Yella" parody song of Umbrella  on the Kidd Chris Show (Thanks to my 11 year old Pop Guru Andrew for letting me in on that).  Apparently, Chris Brown decided to be a big man and beat up his girlfriend.  His endorsement deals with the "Got Milk?" ads and the Double Mint gum ads  have been pulled as well.  Apparently, Rihanna's  injuries are pretty bad.  I've decided that since Chris Brown is such a big man and decided to beat the holy hell out of his girlfriend, maybe a just punishment would be for someone much bigger and stronger than him to beat the fucking shit out of him.  There's no excuse ever to hit a woman, EVER.  This motherfucker needs his ass whipped right now.  They said on Inside Edition that he was in hiding.  I'd hide too motherfucker.  I hope someone beats the ever living fuck out of you pal. 

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