Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IPhone App Review- RSS Player

Price: $4.99
Rating 3/5

RSS Player has had a long and storied past. It was originally buried by Apple because it replicated the functionality of one of the core apps for the IPhone, that being the podcasting feature. RSS player allows you to enter a URL for a podcast and download it right on the spot. It even saves the feeds in case you want to download new episodes without waiting for ITunes to put them up. The downside is that the app crashes (for me at least) quite a bit and you have to enter each URL manually. It would have been nice to have a search function to hunt for podcasts rather than having to type in huge URLs for podcasts. The program does work well when it works and it's nice to be able to skirt around the 10mb 3G or EDGE limit that's imposed in the ITunes App for the IPhone.

I got in on this when it was on sale and the price has now risen to $5. If the price dropped back down to around $2-3, then it would be a must have app for people who love podcasts, but I feel it's now a bit pricey for what it does. The good news is that the developer has been fantastic about program updates and the crashing problems are getting better with each new release. If this one goes back on sale, pick it up. It's made getting podcasts much much easier when you're not next to your computer or on a wireless connection.

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