Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life on Mars Season 1 Episode 9

You can tell this show is now following Lost. It seems that's its a bit more mysterious to hook in the Lost crowd. The whole show this week just had more of an eerie feel to it than in past episodes.

First of all

Ray Carling's Line of the Week
"The Clothes look familiar, but I can't place the face" (in response to being asked if he knew the person who had been decapitated)

It seems to me that ABC ran this episode out of order. It seems to me that this show should have run last week instead of the Russian mob episode since it seems to directly follow Sam's shooting. The crew is chasing a killer who is decapitating his victims. Overall it wasn't the best episode, but it wasn't the worst either. We did find out at the end of the episode that Sam Tyler has a file with something called the "Aries Project". It's still one of my favorite shows on television and is woefully unappreciated both by critics and viewers. As I've said before, give it a shot and see what you think. It's a great show, but much in the same way Lost functions, you have to be in it from the beginning at least in my opinion.

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