Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 14

Line of the Week
Derek to Meredith- "I want your crappy babies"

Very good episode again and another episode which delves us deeper into the character that is Miranda. Miranda is my favorite character on the show and has been since roughly the first episode. She's so much deeper than the other characters at least to me and I love seeing her storylines play out. We also saw more emotion from the Chief than we've ever seen before describing engagement and the surgery he took part in. We've seen what seems to be the "cold, uncaring chief" for most of the season and it's nice to see him peel back his exterior and have a laugh and socialize with his workers

We all know that Addison is making her way back to Seattle Grace next week via the phone call at the end of the show. It seems everyone knows that Derek has a ring with the exception of Meredith and we still have no idea what is wrong with Izzy. From reading around the intertubes, it appears that Katherine Heigel can get out of her Grey's Anatomy contract, so we'll see if this is the last hoorah of Izzy Stevens. No Denny this week which was good. I've grown tired of seeing Denny and it seems that the writers of Grey's have ruined a great character at least for me. Every time over the last few episodes that I've seen Denny, here's my initial reaction "Not this shit again". I hope it's coming to a close. We also saw Callie get a kiss from the new doctor. Overall a very good episode and I'm hoping that Grey's is finally righting the ship.

TV Shows become much like a loved one to alot of viewers. Now before you throw me under the bus, think about my logic for a sec. We watch characters grow and grow up on the screen before us. We share in their joys, their disappointments, and their everyday lives. We get frustrated when a show isn't as good as it once was and we get angry when one of our favorite shows gets cancelled. We want to see the show become the best that it can be and when the ship gets righted we're happy again. I hope Greys stays good and I look forward to seeing Addison again next week. I don't watch Private Practice and I've missed the character in her familiar surroundings.

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salina said...

was so tired of the denny thing as well! that was dumb and reminded me so much of more of a daytime soap storyline. i am interested to see how tr knight leaves the show, they havent been showing too much of him lately.