Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life on Mars Episode 12

Ray Carling's Lines of the Week
"One Brady short of a Bunch"
"As Confused as a baby in a topless bar"

I'm afraid this show is in danger of being cancelled, but I love it so much, that I guess I'll watch it till the bitter end whenever that might be. Former Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson makes a guest appearance and I'd like to see him stick around. Fred Thompson, while not much of a politician, is a hell of an actor at least in my opinion. This episode centers around an investigation into the murder of a newspaper columnist and a suspect named Tony Crane who commits a crime that Sam arrests him for back in the future. Confused yet? Yep me too. Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks from one of the victims of Tony Crane from the future. This was one of the best episodes of the series yet. We see Sam step over the line to nab a suspect and we see Sam right a wrong from his future and we see Annie shaping her future as an excellent police detective. I certainly hope the ratings pick up for this series soon as I'd love to see how it plays out, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

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