Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Sunday thoughts

All right I'm bored. So just a few random observations

While watching an infomercial this morning at work, an old saying came up that's always bothered me just a bit. Valerie Bertinelli said her skin was "as smooth as a baby's bottom". Just how smooth is a baby's bottom? I haven't the slightest idea at all since I don't have a child. How did the first person figure this out? Were they changing a diaper and said "Wow that's really smooth". Did they take comparisons by touching baby ass and then their face. Frankly it's a bit disturbing to me. I don't want my skin to be as smooth as a baby's bottom. I don't want my face to be compared to a baby's ass at all, but perhaps that's just me. I sent a friend of mine this same question this morning and this was her response.

She's a sell out... don't believe anything she says. She'd say her
face was as smooth as a monkey's ass if you paid her. Bitch. I hate
her. I always liked Julie better.

Babies bottoms are traditionally very soft and "fat" and smooth. kind
of like her face. Big and round. After years of sitting on it,
ass-skin tends to toughen up, i'm surprised some of us don't have ass

It makes sense to me. Man do I love a woman with a sense of humor as crass as mine.

I relistened to most of The History of Howard Stern this week and it's amazing to me how tame Howard was before he went to Washington. He was almost corporate and the switch was flipped in Washington. I'm glad the switch did get flipped and he became that wild and crazy guy he is now. I'm sure that most of you have heard by now that Artie's USO Tour was interrupted by Mortar Fire in Afghanistan and they took the whole crew to an underground bunker till the attack subsided. I'd have paid good money to have seen Artie running. Pure Poetry in motion baby. It's a shame we have to wait a whole week before we hear about it. There was an article on Orbitcast this week about what happens to Howard's contract once the merger goes thru. If Howard goes away, I'll cancel my sub immediately unless Kidd Chris is on the service. I only listen to Howard and Footy on Sirius. No music for me, no Bubba the Dumb Sponge, or anything else. Sirius is as good as gone at my house if Howard leaves.

I blogged about Viigo last week and I'm still in love with it. It's become my new morning paper. I put all the sites I check daily in the program and it sends me the headlines. It's truly one of the easiest programs I've ever used in my life. Can anyone recommend a desktop type program which does the same thing?

I'm out.

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