Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A tribute to the Internet

Is there anything truly as great in life as the internet? Here's just a few of the things that I couldn't do before the internet.

1. Play games with people in St. Louis, Cleveland, and New York City all at the same time (Quint, EG, and Isles).

2. Be called a faggot in twenty different languages over XBOX Live as well as other racist terms. For the Record BigChief63, I'm not a homo n-word, nor do I bang my relatives, but thanks for the lovely comments.

3. Order a pizza with no human contact other than opening the front door.

4. Listen to the greatness of Howard Stern, Kidd Chris, and the Miserable Men show without leaving the Bible Belt and without fear of being burned at the stake by my neighbors.

5. MEET HOT SEXY SINGLES ONLINE (sorry that was a popup and I couldn't resist)

6. Be able to find out info on any damn thing in the world.

7. I've learned of countless sex acts that I'd have never thought of own my own and things I hope to never think of again.

8. Chat with people about what you're having for dinner or any other stupd shit you'd never talk to anyone who was standing next to you about.

9. In real life no one wants to hear my fucking thoughts on anything, but surprisingly you good people seem to read my thoughts on a daily basis for reasons I'll never know. Thank you for doing it.

10. Two Words-Special X. How in the world would I have ever known what Connie and Cheeseburger look like without WYSP.com? How would I have known about Metro's Squid Hat, or Vinnie's Guido Hat or Blake's zitty back without pictures? Thanks to the internet and the good management of WYSP, I now know these things.

11. I can order a whatchamaycallit or a doohickey from Amazon.com and it will be here tomorrow.

Well that's my only post for the day. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm off to clean spyware from my computer while looking at the hot sexy singles online. My dad's surgery is tomorrow so I'm hoping for the best. Have a good one folks and thanks as always for reading.

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