Monday, April 7, 2008

A Short one for Monday

Just a bit of a short post before I head in for a loooooooooong day at work today.

The Lady Vols barely escaped against LSU on a shot from Senior Alexis Hornbuckle 47-46 and they get to face the Stanford Cardinal Tuesday night in the Women's final. It's Candace Parker's and several others last game and it would be a nice way for them to go out. I was really looking forward to another UConn UT final, but a game agains Stanford will be just as good. For the record, I'm not a fan of women's basketball, just Lady Vols basketball. I support them just like I do the men and it's all on the account of Pat Summitt. I love Pat and she's one of the most hard working and dilligent coaches in the game today. Nice Job Pat and the Lady Vols and good luck against Stanford.

I got a memory card as well as a case and headset for my Blackjack II at the AT&T store. I love the case and I'm really considering giving up my IPod now and just using my phone. The Sound quality is just as good. Granted it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the IPod does, but I think I'll manage.

Stern is all new this week as is Kidd Chris. I'll say it again that Friday's Kidd Chris show was epic and one of those shows that only comes along every now and again. It was one of the best shows I've heard yet from Kidd Chris and I'll say again that quality and caliber of guests as well as bits has went up since Metro took over as producer. Nice job guys again.

Well that's all for this morning. Have a good one folks and thanks again for reading the old blog


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Quint75 said...

Hey Buddy,
Big fan of Pat Summitt here, too. LOVE to see Geno A. and UConn go down. Can't stand the guy.