Sunday, April 13, 2008

My 200th post (well actually about 260 or so)

My 200th post!!!. I actually hit 200 some time ago, but I deleted quite a few of them which mentioned other people in my life. Once again, thanks to my kitties, friends, family, and of course The Kidd Chris Show, The Howard Stern Show, and the Miserable Men program. I'm not sure I'd have survived without any of the above over the last few months. For the 200th, Here's a few music videos which have kept me going over the last couple of months.

Counting Crows-Washington Square

Cake-I Will Survive

38 Special-Second Chance

Kelly Clarkson-Since You've Been Gone (Just a video of Clarkson, Youtube won't allow embedding of any of her songs)

Guns N Roses-November Rain

Thanks for reading. I'm off for my 15 hour shift at work.

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