Monday, April 14, 2008

15 Hours done and Kidd Chris thoughts

Whew. 15 hours down only 25 more to go this week. I laugh every single time I get home from working a long shift because Bubba (my oldest and by far the fattest cat) is so mad at me and won't even eat breakfast or eat treats. Sorry Bubba, working in television sucks. I guess you could say I'm keeping it going, like a sitcom. Lurch err Brad Garrett err John Runyan rocks. I hope that Lurch gets more airtime since he's been great since he came on. Don't get me wrong, Spaz is great, but Lurch is pure 18K Gold. Later in the week if I get time, I'm gonna post a retrospective on the great bits from the Kidd Chris show since they made the move to mornings. I didn't get to post much about it last week, but the show was spot on excellent as per usual. The bit with the Washington DJ's was great, as was the performances of the Beatoffs, but the best bits of the week were the "cocks" hat, the squid hat that Metro had made (pure fucking brilliance), the Brad Garrett bit and the busting of Blake from Sales' balls. To me, the Kidd Chris show is liking hanging out with your friends, while Howard and the gang seem so disconnected from their audience. Well I'm off to sleep for another 10 hour shift today. Thanks for reading as always folks.

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