Friday, April 18, 2008

I know I know

I know I promised no more blog posts today, but this one is great news. My pops just got back from the doctor and his pathology report came back clean with no signs of cancer at all. As I've said in previous posts, it's been one hell of a bad year for me with all the stuff that's went on, but it's getting better all the time on both the work and personal fronts.

I was looking thru my IPod today and I'm as confused musically as I am in life. Here's what's on my IPod right now and the last song I listened to from each of them

Pavarotti Forever -Core NGrato
AC/DC 5 or 6 albums-Ride on and Highway to Hell

All the Foo Fighters Albums-Have a Cigar

Some Classic Stern Stuff-Artie's Pig Coke Story

The Kidd Chris Show Best of's that ran before the station blew up-Press One call with Levy

The Counting Crows when they were live on Stern-Washington Square

The Lady Gash Greatest Hits Collection (not available in stores)-Umbrella Cover

Jim Florentine's new Comedy CD

Led Zeppelin Mothership-All of My Love

Rage Against the Machine-Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium-Bulls on Parade

Johnny Cash-Live at Folsom Prison-Cocaine Blues


Quint75 said...

Hey Dave, so glad to hear about your dad! Give him my best.

Steve Semple said...

Dave - just read the post. Great news that your dad is doing fine, and that everything is good at the moment. Going through a little scare right now with my grandfather, as they found a mass by his gallbladder, and no one is saying much about it.

Glad to see things going your way now!

now.. get GTA!!!