Thursday, April 10, 2008

Artie Lange Gone and other thoughts

For those that don't listen to Stern, Artie got into a fight with Teddy his assistant and it got pretty violent with Benji and Ronnie the Limo Driver both trying to get Teddy out of the studio and hold Artie back. Artie then resigned and walked out of the studio. I haven't the slightest idea if this a bit (since they're on vacation next week) but if it is shame on the Stern Show staffers. If Artie truly is gone, then he will be missed by me since he's my favorite on the show and I'm not sure who could step into his place.

There are several signs pointing to this not being a bit. Howard 100 didn't rerun the show today after it's initial run and instead put on a show from earlier in the week. Also there is no rundown of the show up on Artie needs to get in control or he's gonna be gone soon and I don't just mean from the show. I hope he gets to come back, but I'm not quite sure how Howard will handle this latest blowup from Artie. The Jackie chair as it's called in rememberance of Jackie Martling is one of the hottest seats in show business for an up and coming comedian. I hope that Monday after next, Artie sitting right there in his old spot, but if not, I'll miss him terribly.

I used trade in credit today and got F1 Championship Edition again as well as Hot Shots Golf. Both are great.

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