Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Adam Carolla and political thoughts

Adam Carolla is off Dancing With the Stars, but George Takei is still alive singing Country Music. I'll keep voting for him and once Howard tells us the worst person to vote for on American Idol, I'll begin that as well. I don't like reality shows and I don't watch them, but as a devoted disciple of Howard, I'll vote for whomever he tells me to vote for.

Well we're on the cusp of naming a Democratic Candidate and the Republican Candidate is already in place for the next president of the United States, and once again, I'll be voting Libertarian. I don't like Obama thanks to his nutty ass preacher and have thoroughly detested Hillary Clinton for several years. I don't like John McCain either due to his master plan to "Stay the Course" in Iraq. This will make the second election that I'll be voting Libertarian because I refuse to vote for whom I like the least and it's a damn shame that a majority of Americans have to make that distinction.

Well that's probably it for today. Have a good one folks.


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