Monday, March 24, 2008

Mad Props and thoughts

First of all, most of the readers to this blog know what a huge fan I am of Kidd Chris. As I've said probably hundreds of times, he's my favorite and I prefer him to Stern or anyone else, so much so that I get up and listen before I go into work. So last week I got a Myspace invite from Metro, the show's producer along with a nice message. I asked him for a bumper sticker and he told me that he'd hook me up. Well Metro did more than hook me up. This afternoon in the mail I received several Kidd Chris bumper stickers ( at least 10 or so), 2 Kidd Chris T Shirts, and a Kidd Chris drink holder. That's a major hookup and it's much appreciated. I've already went out and put a bumper sticker on my car even though it's 20 degrees outside. Again big thanks and mad props to Metro. You're a hell of a guy and one of the best producers in radio as far as I'm concerned. I'll take a picture of my swag in a day or two once I can borrow a digital camera from someone. It just goes to show cool Chris and everyone associated with the show are to their fans. I live in Knoxville, TN which is several hundred miles from Philly and has no impact on their ratings, and they sent me swag. I hate to sound like a broken record, but thanks again guys. If you want to listen to THE best morning radio in the US, head on over to and click the listen live button from 6a-10a. Kidd Chris, Metro, Thomas, Egg Nog, Lurch, Spaz, Vinny, Connie, Brad the Cripple, and Cheeseburger will keep you rolling from 6a-10a.

I blogged yesterday about the War in Iraq and the five year anniversary. Some people say it was a mistake. A mistake is mispelling a word. Lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction, the death of 4,000 US Servicemen and women, and the 29,000 who are permenantly injured is more than a mistake, it's a fucking travesty and Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Rice, and all the others involved should be put on trial. I'd hate to think that I had the death of 4,000 people on my head when I went to sleep at night, but I'm guessing Bush and Cheney have no problems sleeping. I'll say again that I proudly support our US Men and Women who serve in our military and that's why it bothers me that so many of them have had to die.

Is there any dumber show on TV than "The Bachelor"? 20 something women clamoring for the affection of one man who won't end up marrying them anyways after it's al said and done. I can't believe that this show is still on the air and still successful. Adam Carolla did alright on Dancing with the Stars tonight. At least he didn't cuss out Carrie Ann again like he did last week. I rarely pay attention to DWTS, but I did watch Adam last week and this week just for the Stern Factor. He was on Howard's show last week and gave a candid interview about the girl who he dances with. I do like Adam and have listened to his show on occasion, and I'd really like to listen more, but my mornings and afternoons are full with Kidd Chris and the Stern replay.

Well I've went on long enough. Have a good one folks and as always, thanks for reading. And thanks again to Metro, you rock man.

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