Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More God of War III Impressions

I got to play a little bit more God of War this morning after being down with ankle problems yesterday and I'm ready to name this game not only as my game of the year for 2010, but my favorite game ever.  It seems that the developers in Santa Monica listened to every single gripe fans had and fixed them all.  I'm loving the fact that I now only have to get 3 gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers to upgrade my magic.  I also enjoyed the way the magic and uber health of Kratos was taken away (I'll leave it out to remain spoiler free).

I've taken out both Hades and Poseidon thus far (the brothers of Zeus) and have come away truly impressed with both the boss fights.  They've both been epic in scale and I loved the fact that each had at least 3 stages.  I was worried leading up to the game that we wouldn't see the true power of the Gods as Kratos barrels through them one by one on the way towards a showdown with Zeus, but I was very pleased to see that the God of the Seas and the God of the Underworld were worthy adversaries.   The graphics for this game are nothing short of amazing and I'm finding myself just staring at the environments every few minutes before moving on.

There's honestly a lot to like in God of War III.  I love the Gorgon redesign and the new way to battle them.  I love the grotesqueness of the character design.  The minotaurs are so much more scary and haunting with their redesign.  If you have a PS3 and aren't playing this game, then shame on you.  This is perhaps the best game that's come along in quite some time and at least to me, transcends every gaming genre bar none.  This game is every bit the reason you should own a PS3.  I cannot wait to finish it up.

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