Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ball Four by Jim Bouton

I touched on this book in my library post on Sunday, and I'm reading it again.  This is the 16th time I've read this book or so, so I pretty much have it memorized, but I laugh at the funny stuff, cry at the sad stuff, and am still amazed at the life of major leaguers.  This is a book that I'm sure that almost anyone could appreciate, but especially, baseball fans.  When this book was published, it blew the lid off MLB and although it's not quite as shocking anymore, I'm sure that it incensed quite a few folks when it made it's way to shelves in the early 70's.  I've also got the follow up to Ball Four, as well as Bouton's other book on reserve at the library.  I can't wait for those to come in. 

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