Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Auto Tune Interview

The Kidd Chris Auto Tune interview was amazing yesterday.  For those who didn't listen, Kidd Chris and Thomas did an entire interview with a UFO expert in auto tune (google it if you're unfamiliar).  It was nothing short of brilliant and I applaud Chris and Thomas for coming up with yet another way to spice up boring interviews. 


Adam C Sager said...

Is said interview available online anywhere!? I was laughing my a** off this morning while listening to it, and I must share with my colleagues.

Dave said...

Chris will from time to time put up the good stuff online to download, but he wants the audience to listen live rather than having a podcast. I'm sure he'll play it quite a bit and I'm almost certain you'll hear several more autotune interviews. Thanks for reading. I'm glad to see some Portland folks loving the show.

Dalton Kuepker said...

Ahhhhhh! I'm looking all over Google for that interview! I'm not a fan of hard rock, and I've never heard of Kidd Chris until I heard that interview. I laughed my ass off. Kidd, if you're reading this, PLEASE post this on Youtube or something!