Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life on Mars (the UK version)

I'm a huge fan of British TV. They just seem to do it better than we do. Case in point is Coupling, The Office, and now Life on Mars (which I'm sure plenty of folks knew well before I did. After finishing up the American version of Mars, I imported the DVDs from Amazon UK and began watching a bit of them on Saturday. It's much improved over the American version in several ways.

I do not like the lead as much as Jason O'Mara yet but he's very good. I love the UK's Lt. Hunt surprisingly more than I liked Harvey Keitel in the American Version. The UK version of Annie seems to have a more developed character than the US Version and she's even interested in Sam much sooner than in the US version. I'm not crazy about the UK versions of Ray and Chris simply due to the fact that I love Michael Imperioli as an actor.

I'll be sure and post a full review once I'm done, but suffice to say that I greatly prefer the British version over the American version. The storylines are much more well done and it's a bit rawer than the US version as well.

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