Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My thoughts on the cancellation of Life on Mars

I posted hotlinks to a couple of stories before expressing my thoughts on the cancellation of Life on Mars.  I'm really disappointed in the decision by ABC to cancel the show simply because I don't feel that they gave it the proper time to gain an audience.  Dramas with a bit of mystery take time to develop and considering we're only 12 episodes or so into the season, I don't feel that Life on Mars has had time to develop both a story and an audience.  No one understands the business of television more than I do.  I've worked in it for most of my adult life and I realize how ratings work, but that doesn't stop the viewer in me from being upset with ABC's decision.  Life on Mars had a stellar cast (O'Mara, Harvey Ketiel, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol) and had an amazing story to back up the cast. 

I honestly thought that moving the show to the timeslot after Lost would work out better than it did, but there was barely a spike for LOM.    ABC has stated that we'll see a fitting end to the series, the question is, when will we see that fitting end?  We've already been promised that Pushing Daisies and the excellent Dirty Sexy Money would see fitting end to the series, but thus far, those dates have not been announced.  The right thing for ABC to do would be to put the rest of the episodes for these series up on their online viewing service, or put them up on ITunes for pay so fans of these series can get the fitting end to the series that we deserve.  I've posted several times on this blog about Life on Mars and I would gladly pay for the last episodes of both LOM and DSM to be able to view them now and put the series to rest at least in my mind. 

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