Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life on Mars promising closure in series finale (yeah, it's canceled)

At least we will see an ending


Filed under: Programming , Cancellations , Life on Mars You know how
those wacky British like their shows in short bursts with beginnings,
middles and ends? Well maybe that's what ABC is thinking of when they
announce that Life on Mars will finish its run with its 17th episode .
They're promising a satisfying sense of closure, including answers as
to why Detective Sam Tyler finds himself in 1973. One theory that
we're told can be ruled out is the coma that the UK original used to
explain Sam Tyler's time travel. It would make the mystery kind of
anticlimactic if they used the same explanation. We're also not told
if Annie will finally punch Ray once and for all for being a
misogynist bastard The UK version of the series was an actual hit, but
designed for the limited format completing two eight-episode runs.
Meaning the US iteration, which is being canceled due to low ratings,
will still run one episode longer than its successful predecessor. It
was a creative decision to end the UK series after two seasons.
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