Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gaming updates

So it appears that The Show has no day games for Cubs fans at least according to @ExtremeGamer. They'll fix the schedule problems. Quint also seems to be having issues with RTTS mode. I've never played RTTS so I don't imagine that will affect me much. Hopefully, SCEA can fix the two small issues. Me, I'm still having a ball with it and waiting for some good updated rosters to start a franchise with. In the past, I've always waited for full rosters, but I just don't have that kind of time anymore to wait till fucking June to play a game I bought in March.

I'm surprised at the shitty reviews for MLB2k9 around the intertubes. This line from the Team XBOX Review really hits home with how I feel about 2k9's baseball Products.

In this era of everyone having exclusive licenses with the major sports leagues, MLB 2K9 is just proof how that policy can come and bite us in the butt. Want a better baseball video game experience? Unfortunately it’s on the PS3 with MLB The Show. Xbox 360 gamers are stuck with this rough-hewn and frustrating game that could have otherwise been a gem. Instead, that no-hitter in the bottom of the ninth got broken up by a grand slam.

I rented Eat Lead the Return of Matt Hazard from Blockbuster last night and promptly played it late last night and this morning before heading into work. Lots of Easy Achievements and the gameplay while it has it's issues, is a lot fun. It's really difficult at points as well and I love the sarcastic commentary on video gaming in general. We need more of the gaming industry poking fun at itself. It's a definite rental for anyone.

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