Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching up

I have two episodes left of Season 2 of 24.  I'm anxious to see how everything closes out and to dive headfirst into 24 The Game for the PS2 which takes place between season 2 an 3.  The game got mediocre ratings, but I'm anxious to try it anyways.

I'm hopeful that I can get the 50 Cent game or Matt Hazard from Gamefly this week.  I'm not buying them and neither is available to rent right now in Knoxville anywhere that I can see

I'm not picking up HAWX this week just MLB09 The Show.  I just can't see paying $60 for it when I'll just play it for a bit and then put it away.  I'm more of a fan of WWII Flight games anyways.  To me, modern aircraft dogfighting isn't as much fun as dogfighting older planes. 

I didn't get to play any Killzone yesterday thanks to Season 2 of 24.  I'll try to dive back in today.  Hit me up on PSN (itsmedave) if you have any interest in playing a little Killzone 2. 

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