Friday, February 27, 2009

UPDATED: Apple Waves Bye Bye to the uSirius StarPlayr App for iPhone

I knew there had to be a reason it wasn't out yet

UPDATED: Developer NiceMac provided an update in the comments : The
app was not rejected, however it could not be approved at this time.
It does no good to send hate mail to or bash Apple or any other
involved parties. In fact, it could damage relationships required to
get this product to market. Instead, we encourage positive emails and
messages of support to all those involved. ORIGINAL: Lately I have
been the bearer of bad news. First it was Apple rejecting the official
South Park application and now they're breaking our hearts once more
and waving bye bye to Howard Stern and Sirius XM by rejecting the
uSirius StarPlayr application that we previously told you was due to
be in the App Store in a few short weeks . Yes this is a very sad day,
as I am a huge Howard Stern fan like many of you. "As of yesterday,
the uSirius StarPlayr Application for iPhone still had a status of
"In Review" with Apple. Late last night, we became aware that the
application could not be approved at this time. As fans, we are
committed to continuing to work with all parties involved as necessary
in any capacity required to see this product to market. It is our
goal, as it has always been, to release this application at as low of
a price point as possible, if not free of charge." With no real
reason given why this application was rejected, we must sadly move on.
You really have to wonder what exactly made Apple reject this
application. Surely it was not Sirius XM as Howard himself loved the
idea and was ready to pick up an iPhone just for this application.
Apple, why did you reject this one? This was an application that I
been patiently waiting for… oh so much . This news will surely
disappoint Howard and many of the other Sirius XM iPhone owners out
there. Hopefully, we will see this application available on Cydia
sooner rather than later. [ Thanks to Darren for the tip! ] This is a
story by the iPhone Blog . This feed is sponsored by The iPhone Blog
Store . UPDATED: Apple Waves Bye Bye to the uSirius StarPlayr App for

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